Monday, 11 September 2017

Make your own artist profile

Name: Rameen
Age: 10
Best known for:
Influences:Was made from magazines
Purpose of artwork: To use magazines
Creation of artwork:First I picked the  colour blue and then in magazines a found the colour blue .I used these pieces to create the bottle


Sunday, 3 September 2017

The mystery Of Little Red Riding Hood

The mystery  of Little Red Riding Hood

Once a upon a time  there was  Little Red Riding Hood   and  her mother.One day her mother said  “ Your Granny is sick  can you please take those muffins to her and  always remember never to talk to strangers”.Little Red Riding Hood said  “ Yes mother I will not talk  to strangers and  I will bring these muffins to Granny”.She skipped  happily to the forest until she met a wolf .The wolf said  “Oh look at these pretty  flowers you should pick  some”.Little Red Riding Hood  said “OK”.Inside her mind she felt suspicious about the wolf .Instead of picking flowers she followed  the wolf to her Granny’s house.Little Red Riding hood thought why had the wolf  come to her Granny’s  house.When she saw that he put Granny inside the cupboard she called the woodcutter who chopped the wolf.The woodcutter had saved Little  Red Riding Hood  and Granny from the wolf.Finally  they all had a muffin each.Also Little Red Riding Hood promised never to talk to strangers ever again.

The End

Monday, 28 August 2017

Do more exrcise

Bizarre world breaking records

Bizarre world breaking records
  1. I think the cat who performed 20 tricks in 1 minute is very bizarre because in the last trick it even rode a skateboard.
  2. A person collected a large form of  dinosaur fossils and the largest collection of coprolite because they are very rare to find.
  3. Oldest manatee Snooty was aged 67 years 254 days at 31 Mar 2016 and it is bizarre because he lived in cavity.

4. I think that the robot who played teached someone  else how to play table tennis was very bizarre because it improved your skills at table tennis.

5. Fastest 10 m on hind legs by a horse  and it did that for 9.21 seconds and I think this is very bizarre because I have never seen a horse do that before.

The record I would like to do is to read 2,000 books in  one month.I choose this record because I like reading.

Monday, 21 August 2017

My flag for Iceland

My flag for Iceland

My flag of iceland has  the northen lights that shine in the sky.
Also in Iceland there are hot springs that people go to.
There are ancient lava flows that have cooled up and made a waterfall cave.
There are lots of volcanoes in Iceland.
The arctic fox is the only mammal that lives in Iceland.

There are also seals that live in Iceland That are different colours like white.