Thursday, 31 May 2018

Billowing balloons experiment

Billowing balloons experiment
Walt: write a specific question and make predictions for a chemical change

Question: Will the vinegar and baking soda make the balloon pop?

The balloon will pop as a result of gas produced.


  • Paper funnel
  • Balloon
  • 50 ml of white  vinegar
  • ½ Baking soda
  • teaspoon
  • 1 litre bottle (empty)


  1. First you put the 50 ml of white vinegar into the bottle a empty bottle.
  2. Then put the balloon into a funnel
  3. Then put the baking soda in the balloon so that the balloon is filled halfway.
  4. Now put the balloon onto the bottle and and wait for it to blow.

    Results: The balloon didn’t burst it just blew up and after a few days it started getting smaller and smaller as it lost all of  its CO2 (carbon dioxide.)

    How the experiment works:
    (Vinegar)        (Baking (sodium           (water)(carbon
                          soda ) acetate)                       dioxide)

    Conclusion:The balloon did not pop but it blew up a bit.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

My most favourite thing at Camp


Giant's ladder

First we sat in the hall and then we were given our activity that was Giant’s ladder.Then we were explained the safety rules and how to put on the  body harness .Then we choose our buddy that we will climb with to the top.My buddy was Zahra. After we had chosen our partner we were numbered.Me and Zahra went second.We had to use these ropes so that the climber can climb to the top.

When the other team had finished we got ready to go on next.After the first few steps that we could get up easily but then Zahra got scared about going any farther.So I encouraged Zahra to go higher and everyone also helped me to encourage Zahra.When Zahra got to the one just before the final one she said
“I can’t go any further”. Then everyone started shouting “GO ZAHRA, GO ZAHRA”.
Then by this encouragement  she let me get up and then I pulled her up.Zahra thought it was not very scary after all! Then we got to the top we saw a breathtaking view.When we were going down Zahra went first because she was not afraid to go down the giant's ladder.For me it was very scary to go down but I still did it anyway because I know that I needed to get down.

Me and Zahra were both proud of each other because we both had each other to face our fears.Our instructor was also very impressed because we were the second group to do it and we used teamwork without having an argument.Then we had a rest while the other people in my group helped the third team.When all the teams were done everyone thought it was an enjoyable experience.

In this piece of writing I showed that I can use written features like alliteration.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

character description

In this piece of writing I edited my work and  used verbs in the start of the sentence